The AFL (Australian Football League), previously the Victorian Football Association, was established in 1897, ushering in a more professional form of Football. The League was only renamed the Australian Football League in 1990. The AFL playing season runs from March to September, and is the best attended sporting league in Australia. Besides for the pre-season games, the official season consists of 23 games. Popular venues include Melbourne Cricket Ground, Docklands Stadium (Melbourne), Adelaide Oval, Sydney Cricket Ground, The Gabba (Brisbane), the Sydney Showground Stadium and Traeger Park at Alice Springs.

The Players

Players are sourced from a number of avenues. Most players enter the AFL via the AFL draft, held seasonally. The AFL draft is the official system used to recruit new players. This has been the case since 1986. Club player lists are monitored closely by the AFL, and changes may only be made out of season.


Besides being the most popular spectator in the country, all AFL matches are broadcast by Seven Network, and are broadcast on a free-to-air basis, making the games accessible to all. This is very advantageous to the world of AFL sports betting, as bettors are able to follow the entire season on television, as well as attend matches in person. Many of the matches are broadcast live, creating opportunities to engage in Live Crown Oaks betting.

AFL Bet Types

Sports betting has evolved considerably since the days when folks first realised how much fun it was to predict a winner. Examples of AFL betting odds and AFT bet types are:  AFL Winners, AFL Win, AFL Margins, AFL Double and XTRA Double, AFL Half/Full Double and Half/Full Xtra Double, AFL Quad and AFL Quarter Quad.

AFL Winners And AFL Win

AFL Winners requires the bettor to predict the winning team for every match of a specified premiership round – and to apply an advantage prediction to one side in every game. Placing an AFL Win bet on AFL Grand Final betting sites requires the bettor to make a prediction regarding the winning team and margin of win of one AFL match.

AFL Margins

AFL Margins requires the bettor to correctly predict the winning team and margin of winning for each match.

AFL Double And EXTRA Double

With an AFL Double And EXTRA Double bet, the bettor must nominate the team to walk away victorious, and also the margin for two pre-selected matches. This is known as a combination bet.  The matches to form part of the AFL Double and EXTRA Double bet are selected weekly.

AFL Half/Full Double And Half/Full Xtra Double

Another combination bet, AFL Half/Full Double And Half/Full Xtra Double requires the bettor to accurately predict the leading and the winning team and margin at half time as well as full time in a pre-selected match.  The leading team is predicted for half time, and the winning team and margin with regards to the overall match outcome.

AFL Quad And AFL Quarter Quad

The winning team and margin for four selected matches must be predicted in order to place an AFL Quad bet. AFL Quarter Quad mixes it up a bit, with the prediction involving the leading team and margin at the close of each quarter in a pre-selected match.