Cash Drop is an online casino slot machine that differs in some ways to the usual slot games players come across online. Essentially a fruit machine, Cash Drop features symbols made up almost entirely of fruit, such as cherries, watermelon, and grapes. Other symbols that can be found are the traditional bell, and the lucky number seven. Cash Drop is set against a white background, with all the colour centred on the reels and the imagery of the symbols.

Cash Drop is powered by Wager Works, which is owned by renown online software developer IGT. The slot features 5 reels and 25 paylines that can be adjusted before the start of every round. The game can be played for free across a number of different reputable casino websites, as well as for real money.

Playing Cash Drop

Before a game of Cash Drop can start, players need to make sure their betting settings are right. Betting in Cash Drop is limited to choosing the number of paylines that are active during regular play, and the bet per each payline. Players can choose a minimum of one payline, and a maximum of twenty five. The more paylines that are active, the higher the chance of landing a winning combination. There are a multitude of different combinations in Cash Drop, and each one has a different winning value. The higher the number of paylines, and the higher the bet per line, the higher the chance of winning big returns.

Betting done, players can either start the game using the spin button or the auto play button. The spin button will need to be selected manually for every round, but also allows the player to keep track of every round as it plays. For alternate play, the auto play function allows the player to choose a set number of spins, and the game will continue playing automatically until the spins are finished or there are no more coins left for the bet.

To learn more about the rules of Cash Drop, the potential combinations, and the values of the symbols, players can use the paytable button to bring up all the necessary information.

Cash Drop Payout

Cash Drop comes with its own jackpot, and the jackpot has the highest potential winnings in the game. With the maximum bet combined with all paylines activated, players stand the chance of winning a maximum of 1000 coins through the jackpot, which is valued at $25000. This is calculated at 1000x multiplier that is added to $25 per line.

Cash Drop Bonus Features

Cash Drop is a slot that is focused almost completely on the base slots games. Therefore, there are no wilds or scatter symbols that can be found, and no mini games or bonus content can be triggered. This may put off some players who are looking for a more complex slot, but for those searching for a slot that is simple and basic, yet still entertaining, then Cash Drop might be the perfect slot.