Game Of Thrones 243 Ways to Win is based on the very popular HBO television series and the series of books of the same name and is developed by Microgaming.  It is a 5 x 3 reel slot game played online and can be played on all devices such as mobile, desktop and playing directly from the browser.

Game of Thrones 243 Ways to Win is set during the medieval times and is an online fantasy game.  Following the death of King Robert Baratheon, the Houses are at war to claim the iron throne.  Players who enjoy the television series or have read the books will find this online game especially enjoyable and for those who enjoy the world of fantasy.  Players will be able to join houses and form allies where great rewards can be earned.

Features of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones 243 Ways to Win has five reels and 243 different winning combinations.  What this means is that players will have 243 opportunities to claim a win.  Players will need to place their bets under each reel by clicking on the bet button and can then view the various betting options.  Players will be able to choose the number and value of the coins at this point.  They then hit the spin button and the reels will begin spinning.

The visuals of Game of Thrones 243 Ways to Win are excellent and the game comes with the very popular theme song.  This online slot game is all about the four houses and these are Baratheon (ours is the fury), Lannister (hear me roar), Stark (winter is coming) and Targaryen (fire and blood).  Although the graphics are great; the houses are represented by their coat of arms and other symbols, and does not feature the actors from the television series.

Bonus Features of Game of Thrones

There are two variations of Game of Thrones, the 243 ways and the 15 payreel.  The most popular by far is the 243 Ways to Win.  The difference between the two online games is mainly the wager.  Both of the games will accept up to ten coins, but 243 ways requires the larger wager but the payout is better.  Both of the games have a gamble feature which takes place through four locations on a map, namely, three eyed raven, white walker, direwolf and dragon and at each stage there is a gamble.  Players should note that this feature is included for entertainment purposes and the odds will stay at 50% for each stage.

The scatter in Game of Thrones 243 Ways to Win is the iron throne and the highest paying symbols are the coat of arms, but the most expensive is the stacked wild which is in the logo.  If players manage to hit two these symbols there is a reward of a cash prize and three or more free spins.  These free spins will offer players four bonuses which are linked to the houses.  Baratheon house is the highest multiplier (5 times), while Targaryen offers 18 free giveaways with a double payout.  On top of this each of these bonuses has an extra stacked symbol, the emblem of each house.  These will payout about the same amount.

Game Of Thrones 243 Ways to Win is suitable for players who want to escape into the world of fantasy and includes many bonus features.