Here’s a prickly one from developers Novomatic, entitled Lucky Rose Online Slot Game, which is actually themed on the famous Romani gypsies, who themselves are enshrouded in mystery. As such players can already expect a few things from the outset. The reels are coated with magical animations and as much mysticism as possible to both do justice to this rather strange choice of theme as well as create some suspense on the reels for the players. Otherwise this slot game is quite well-developed and also has some rather substantial jackpots waiting within.

Onto the fundaments of the Lucky Rose Online Slot Game then, with an introduction to the 5 reels and 10 pay lines that players ultimately looking to play some of this will need to become rather intimately acquainted. Another aspect which requires a certain amount of due diligence is the betting options, as players must gauge personally if the range on offer accommodates them and the level they which to play at, with this slot that range is decent enough. There aren’t too many bonus features found on the reels of this game, but there are still the always loved free spins and even a gamble feature to work with.

The Lucky Rose Theme Choice and Portrayal

As mentioned before, the theme of this Lucky Rose Online Slot Game is that of the travelling Romani gypsies, a mysterious and bizarre peoples by most regard but one also closely acquainted with magic and mysticism. This alone makes for the setup of the reels and a theme based thereon. The eerie, mystical aura about these peoples is essentially created on the reels, and whilst this effect is not the be all and end all of slot gaming themes, the effect and atmosphere on the reels is quite nice.

Since these gypsies were also known for being fortune tellers, or at least affiliated with them, the symbols on the reels of Lucky Rose online slots NZ real money game focuses more specifically on this aspect for the imagery. This is why players will find symbols like crystal balls, lucky roses and even a fortune teller herself. There are also the customary playing card symbols that seem to be the best fluffer for the lower wins. Overall it is quite a colourful and bright slot gaming experience though.

The Few Bonuses of Lucky Rose Slot

Though it has been mentioned that there aren’t too many bonuses to this Lucky Rose Online Slot Game, the few involved are still quite useful to the ultimate cause of trying to win. The first of these is the Wild. This symbol can switch for other game symbols when it lands, to help players form more combinations on the reels. This is the crystal ball symbol and it also triggers the feature of this slot.

The free spins feature of Lucky Rose Online Slot Game is triggered through the Wild and rewards 12 spins with some mystery prizes along the way. All players need to do to get the crystal ball rolling here is land it on reels 1, 3 and 5, in any order as in this instance it acts as a Scatter. Overall not a bad haul.