For many players, free Roulette games don’t have the same allure of playing for real money. But when the budget is tight or you don’t want to lose out as you’re learning, French Roulette low limit games are the way to go.

French Roulette Low Limit games offer the same thrills as real money games, but bets can be placed from as little as 0.01 cent. This means that there’s little to no risk, but you still enjoy the same thrilling entertainment with ever spin of the wheel.

A Unique Gaming Option

By playing French Roulette Low Limit you’ll enjoy a unique blend of excitement and adrenalin and tranquillity. You don’t have to worry that you are going to blow your budget, or that you might lose a large sum of money, so you can relax and enjoy yourself in every way.

Low limit games are played with chips that have a far lesser value than usual and often the biggest bet size is a dollar or two. French Roulette Low Limit is therefore ideal for any new player, or for someone who may be familiar with the other variants of the game and wants to work out how this version works.

Playing French Roulette Low Limit

When you play French Roulette Low Limit you’ll do so in the exact same way as if you were playing a high stakes game, only your bets are tiny in comparison. Often the maximum bet amount will vary and may depend on whether players are placing an inside or an outside bet.

To begin, you’ll select your betting chip and place them on the table in the demarcated area that matches here you think the ball will land on the wheel when it comes to a halt. Once your bet, or bets have been placed, the heel will be spun and you’ll get to see whether or not you are a winner.

Your winnings will be based on the game you are playing’s paytable and you can always check upfront what sort of rewards are offered for low limit games. Bets can be placed on a single number, a sequence of numbers, odds/evens or black/red, and these are the same bets you’ll find in any Roulette game, not just the low limit versions.

Game Specifics

French Roulette is surprisingly the least popular version of online Roulette NZ, with European being the most played, followed by American. This is rather perplexing, as French Roulette has the same 2.70% house edge as its European counterpart. It also implements the en prison and la partage rules, both of which work in a players favour. In contrast, American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26% due to the extra 00 pocket on the wheel.

French Roulette Low Limit is a great way to get into this classic casino game and to decide whether it’s the variant you want to play. Once you’ve spent some time playing, you can always increase your bets and move over to higher stakes games, as you feel more confident. In the French Roulette Low Limit games you can also try out betting systems and see what works for you, increasing your chances of successful results when you switch to games where bigger bets are readily accepted.