Soccer is known to be a very popular sport, if not the most popular sport in the world.  Proof of this is the interest and hype that surrounds the Soccer World Cup which comes around every four years since its inception in 1930.  The only other event that takes precedence is the Olympics where soccer is a very popular spectator sport.

Because of this, soccer is also a popular betting sport and New Zealand punters will find betting options for soccer at almost every sportsbook around the world.  Of course there are always critics who say that soccer is a slow paced sport and the scoring is low but soccer is not called “the beautiful game” for nothing.  Just the fact that the scores are low makes each goal in soccer very exciting.  Soccer is different to baseball where there is scoring continuously through the game; soccer keeps fans on the edge of their seats waiting for the next goal.

Factors to Consider

Knowing a bit about the game will be a great help to New Zealand punters when placing soccer bets. Understanding the style of play of each team and the strategies they use can help punters when making a bet.

There are many outstanding soccer players and when there are two top teams playing against each other a good strategy is usually the reason why one team beats the other.  Some soccer teams will use an aggressive style of play that will get the midfielders into the game and these games are often very exciting.  An aggressive team will usually have the upper hand and this style of play will often result in many more goals.

Some teams will opt for defensive playing, which means they concentrate on keeping the other team from scoring.  Teams that are not as skilled as their opponents will usually play defensively instead of attempting an attack on a much better team.  When placing a bet New Zealand punters should look at the team’s formations and strategies and look at how they played in a previous match against a similar team.

Betting Strategy

Having an online betting strategy is important when placing bets.  There are a few factors to consider which New Zealand punters will find invaluable.  Firstly punters should look at the schedule of their team.  Things like if the team have just played a big game against a rival, they may not be playing their best for the next game.  If the team has been travelling and have not had sufficient time to rest this could affect how they play.

Home advantage is always important and with soccer it is even more important as each team has a huge fan base and sportsbooks will move the lines in favour of the home team.  Some teams prefer to play away and punters should research these factors before betting. Draws are never exciting to bet on but if two evenly matched teams are playing the odds are there will not be draw. Punters should try the draw bet if the teams are mismatched, i.e. an inferior team playing against a powerful team.

Soccer is an exciting game to bet on and New Zealand punters will benefit from a good betting strategy and taking into consideration factors that could influence the outcome of their bet.