Online gambling is a huge industry worldwide, and it grows bigger every day. This, of course, makes the sector intensely competitive, and a growing degree of crossover is occurring on games that were previously played at distinct, separate locations. For example, mobile casino sites will feature games that were previously available only in land-based or online Bingo halls, and most online Bingo rooms now provide a full selection of games previously available only to land-based casinos, such as Pai Gow Poker.

To find the best iPad Pai Gow Poker games in Bingo rooms, enthusiasts are advised to make the most of the many online review sites that test all the games on offer, and rate sites on aspects such as the number of different games they provide, how quick and easy they are to get playing on, the site’s average payout percentages, and the operator’s reputation for paying out winnings promptly. Finding the best iPad Pai Gow Poker games in Bingo rooms is a matter of doing a little homework and finding the sites that consistently achieve the best ratings, while avoiding those that have a less than stellar reputation in reviews.

How Pai Gow Poker Works

Pai Gow Poker is based on an ancient Chinese tile game originally played with Chinese dominoes. The poker version uses Western playing cards instead; a standard 52-card deck plus a Joker, and it can be played by up to six players and a dealer at one table. Players are all dealt seven cards face down, and then have to arrange them into a big hand of five cards and a small hand of two cards, trying to get the highest Poker hand in each.

Obviously, Poker combinations in the small hand can only be a pair or a high card, whereas the big hand can include any Poker combination all the way up to a royal flush. When players split their cards, the small hand cannot be stronger than the Poker combination in the big hand. After all players have arranged their hands, the dealer’s hand is also split according to a pre-determined system called the “house way”, and the hands are compared. If both the player’s hands beat the dealer’s, the player wins. If both the dealer’s hands beat the player’s, the player loses. If they each win and lose one hand, the bet is pushed.

Where the iPad has the Edge

There are several features of the iPad that make playing iPad Pai Gow Poker in Bingo rooms an attractive option. The iPad has all the portability of a mobile phone, so players are not restricted to landlines or fixed Internet connections; they can play anywhere and anytime. Yet the iPad’s larger screen, crisp animations and vibrant sound effects deliver an authentic-feeling casino experience, with quick, precise game play made easier by the larger touchscreen.

iPad Pai Gow Poker in Bingo rooms also never forces players to wait for a table to become free; there is always a table available to play at online. Players can download free apps to play iPad Pai Gow Poker in Bingo rooms, or play directly on other sites through the iPad’s Internet browser.