As far as online lotteries are concerned, it is not like online gambling sites, where people can play casino games, poker, bingo etc. Online lotteries are under government control nowadays and not run by any private companies any more.

Therefore, all the tax rules are applied as per the government regulation. In earlier days, there were lots of scams identified in private run lottery games. Therefore, by participating in online lottery games, your interest will remain totally protected and you can play these games without fear of any prosecution.

How does the online lottery function?

In this game, you can buy tickets for any popular lottery game and can get massive prizes and jackpots like any popular lottery games. The law of the country, where you are participating, will govern the rules and regulation of the lottery, which may not be the same. However, if you want to avoid the rules and regulations of different country then you can purchase lottery ticket from third party websites. In this case, the third party company will interact with the respective government on behalf of you. However, this kind of dealing may prove to be risky and therefore it is better to deal with the government-licensed lottery sites.

Fairness and Security

The government run websites are absolutely safe, but while participating, you need to be physically present in the country from which you are buying your ticket. If you are not located in the country then your ticket will be considered invalid and you will not get any prize. That is why people try to deal with Third Party Company. However, in that case you will not get government protection.

Tickets and Prizes

You can easily buy tickets from any of the online lottery sites based on the country you are located at and cost of ticket is usually less than $15. However, if you buy tickets from Third Party Company then it may cost you more as they will also demand the cost of their service. While winning any prize you will not require paying any fee for government run websites. However, for Third Party Company you need to pay 10% of the prize money.

Making a Payment

In case, you have purchased ticket from the government run lottery sites then your prize money will be directly paid to either to your bank or to any onsite wallet. In case of Third party Company, you have to make deposit in order to claim your prize money.

Actually, the Third party Companies claim your prize money on behalf of you and transfer the money on your onsite account. Therefore, in order to claim your money, you need to wait for some time and send the request for withdrawal.

As mentioned before, it is always risky and costly affair to deal with any Third party Company. However, there are few reliable websites you can find, which are located in various countries like Italy, USA and UK, who are providing good services to their clients. They will also let you know the results as soon as it is declared.