Blackjack is something of a global casino star despite its mysterious and much-debated origins, being widely considered to be the most commonly played casino game worldwide. So naturally, with the appearance of the first online casinos during the 1990s, games of online Blackjack were quick to be offered to eager online players. Since then, online Blackjack has been constantly evolving, having been edited and improved over the years by top online casinos to provide clearer, more aesthetically pleasing graphics, a safe and secure online gambling experience, a wider range of bet types and limits and more player options to boot!

The Advantages of Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack offers players uninterrupted one-on-one games directly with the dealer without the need to wait for an open seat; online Blackjack is available 24/7 to any player, ensuring wait-free play. Many online Blackjack sites have a wide range of Blackjack games on offer, from standard Blackjack to more unusual games such as Double Blackjack, Chinese Blackjack and Spanish 21, all played using the same live casino rules with which players are familiar. When playing any of these games, lower minimum bets are offered to players than at most land-based gambling establishments, allowing each individual more choices on how much they’d like to bet and allowing any player with any budget to enjoy a quality online playing experience.

When partaking in online Blackjack, players will often have the option of either enjoying free games and Blackjack tutorials or trying their luck at real money games. Playing cards are dealt by Random Number Generation technology to ensure that players are offered a fair chance of winning every time, and cashing out and withdrawing their winnings is simplified with easily accessed and secure real money player accounts that can be controlled directly via players’ internet-enabled devices, making waiting at cashiers a thing of the past.

Online Blackjack may also appeal to busy players, or those who do not have a land-based casino close by. Online games such as Blackjack provide players with all the thrill of a live casino experience whenever and wherever it suits them, without having to travel to a casino, wait in queues or adhere to opening times. All that is required is an internet connection and a compatible electronic device to access instant play.

Exclusive Extras for Online Players

Blackjack fanatics may also benefit from the range of promotions available exclusively to online players. Many top online casinos offer large player rewards and bonuses to their online Blackjack patrons, such as sign-up bonuses deposited straight into players’ real money accounts on signing up to play. Some sites even boast progressive jackpots as part of their games, rewarding players with the chance of winning a jackpot that increases in value the more they play. Furthermore, many of these online casinos offer players the chance to take advantage of “freerolls” – online Blackjack tournaments that require no entry or registration fees, but still provide players with the chance to cash in on real money wins on sites like

Playing blackjack online is incredibly rewarding and new and experienced players can enjoy all the advantages of this card comparing game at their leisure.