Bola tangkas is a form of Indonesian style poker. The game of poker has become ever more popular through globalization, and many parts of the world that had evolved specific, and different forms of the game have translated this to popular online casino versions. This online growth has meant increased popularity, competition and rewards for all versions of the game, such as Bola tangkas.

Bola tangkas, in developing the online version has grown into a type of video poker, and it is presented in an online format that has not only developed its own mystique, but has become a lucrative casino game in its own right, with multitudes of committed players in Indonesia.

The Basics of this Indonesian Game

The basic premise of the online casino Ghana game of Bola tangkas is to use the 7 cards that are dealt to each player to generate the highest possible poker combination. Unlike many standard versions of poker, and video poker games, Bola tangkas is based on the five-card draw poker system whereby two of the cards dealt are rejected by the player. Bola tangkas is played online on a computerized console similar in size to a video poker or slot machine, however, there are a number of subtle differences.

The history of Bola tangkas is one of functionality over form. The game became very popular in Indonesia during the 1980s. The reasons for the growth in popularity are similar to those that have made video poker such a widespread casino phenomenon. Much easier to access and far less intimidating than playing poker live at a brick and mortar casino, players increasingly began using the computerised version of the game in the casinos. Today, apart from the availability of this game online, the game of Bola tangkas is still extremely popular in land-based casinos where the machines enjoy prominence and popularity on the gaming floors, much like the banks of video poker machines found at every brick and mortar casino too. There are also different machines available that offer lower coin denominations as well as slightly different odds and payouts.

Playing Bola Tangkas Online

A game of Bola tangkas is begun by depositing money in one of the Bola tangkas machines and pressing the Deal button. The player is then dealt 7 cards. The player has an opportunity to review their hand and select one or more cards, which they can discard, in exchange of course for new cards. The game is played using a single deck of cards, plus two jokers. The jokers can be used to replace any other card in forming a winning combination.

Pay Outs from the Pay Table

Once the cards have been replaced, the players hand is evaluated based on standard poker principles, and paid out according to the specific pay table. Clearly this is an extended pay table for it needs to incorporate the jokers and therefore includes all the non-standard poker hands such as 5 of a kind and their adjusted odds. The odds and pay-outs are very much in line with standard five-card draw poker and are collected in the same way as video poker games at The casino sites offering Bola tangkas provide this game in a version that is compatible with all mobile operating systems, and ensures no download or instant play.