How Technology Has Transformed Online Gambling

As we head into the future, technology is becoming ever more a catalyst for change. This digital age has seen revolution upon revolution, from our industries and commerce, to our simple daily life, completely changing the world and the way we do things.

Tips on How To Play Video Poker and Win Big

Poker is one of the most loved card games and those who have mastered it are as respected in the gambling world as world-class soccer players are on the pitch. Its rules are simple enough to comprehend but the game is difficult to perfect, both online and offline.

Top Tips For New Craps Players

Rolling the dice in the hopes of a win is one of the ultimate thrills for any gambler. Craps has been around in one form or the other since the late 1700s when it developed from the English game “Hazard”. The game has been played by millions of people both in and out of casinos and remains a firm favourite. While there isn’t much skill involved in tossing a pair of dice on a table, there are definitely methods that can help a player increase their odds of a windfall.

Playing Medusa Video Slot with Our Exclusive Guide

Ancient Greek history is full of incredible stories about heroes and monsters, and while hundreds of these stories still live on today, the story of Medusa is one of the most popular. Medusa was a monstrous woman that had hair made of snakes, and could turn living creatures to stone with her gaze. The online casino slot game, Medusa, is all about this particular myth, and features imagery and gameplay inspired by the titular character herself.

Lucky Rose Online Slot Game From Novomatic

Here’s a prickly one from developers Novomatic, entitled Lucky Rose Online Slot Game, which is actually themed on the famous Romani gypsies, who themselves are enshrouded in mystery. As such players can already expect a few things from the outset. The reels are coated with magical animations and as much mysticism as possible to both do justice to this rather strange choice of theme as well as create some suspense on the reels for the players. Otherwise this slot game is quite well-developed and also has some rather substantial jackpots waiting within.

Cash Drop Online Slot Review

Cash Drop is an online casino slot machine that differs in some ways to the usual slot games players come across online. Essentially a fruit machine, Cash Drop features symbols made up almost entirely of fruit, such as cherries, watermelon, and grapes. Other symbols that can be found are the traditional bell, and the lucky number seven. Cash Drop is set against a white background, with all the colour centred on the reels and the imagery of the symbols.